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Ariana Grande Dangerous Woman Album Download

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After the March Grande became a fashion collection designed by “Dangerous woman” singer Ariana on the market. Now follows a more. For “Lipsy”, she created a total of 25 parts – and that’s not the only surprise.

If you are still looking for new outfits for the summer, Grande (22) could be at “Dangerous woman” cosmetology Ariana find it. She published her second collection currently in cooperation with “Lipsy” and proves that fashion means as much you like music. For every occasion there is a perfect look, no matter whether for the night or the day outdoors. While everything had to be of course super sexy and feminine as Ariana “Daily Mail” admits: “it was so great to able to be to create a follow up to my favorite time of year for my fans. “In the summer, is just about to dress girly and flirty and mean ‘Lipsy’-collection is just that.”

Critics could complain that the typical summer colors in the designs of Ariana Grande mostly missing, but she remains true to her own style. Who should remember something on a special icon of fashion from the 60s explains how the “dangerous woman”: “I love fashion from the 60s, particularly everything from Audrey Hepburn.” Sexy, but please class, succeeded ARI anyway. For the fans to see how the hot parts are styled, the Latina in every outfit stood in front of the camera, but to the surprise of all, there is still a second model.

The sister of “One Direction”-Hottie Louis Tomlinson (24), Lottie Tomlinson (20), was also booked. Some time ago, she already gave insights into the shooting via Instagram, not told but that the clothing designs of Ariana Grande is it. Now is the cat out of the bag and Louis should be mega-proud of his sister heart. The model not only for the “dangerous woman”-hit Makerin, but also as a makeup artist with Selena Gomez (23) on tour.

The mother of “Dangerous Woman”-Star Ariana Grande is one of the lucky ones who already were allowed to listen in the new album of the artist. Their reaction has shared with the world now ARI – and that could be trouble.

The fans can wait, until Grande (22) finally released their new album “Dangerous Woman” Ariana. The singer has played the songs her mother already in the car. The whole has shared it with their fans on Instagram and recorded – also if this was probably not in the sense of the mother, as the commentary makes clear to the short clip.

Ariana Grande Dangerous Woman Album Leak

“Mama’s authentic response, when I played her before the album” writes Ariana Grande, adds two laughing smileys and the Hashtags # add 1monthTilDangerousWoman and #loveyoumommy. And then: “you will kill me, because I posted it, but it’s easily the funniest thing I’ve ever seen. Sorry MOM, I love you.” But what is in the clip? ARIS MOM freaks out formally with enthusiasm, she screams, cheers and squeals: “Oh my, God, what is it? Oh my god. I can’t believe it. Wow.” Show a reaction that the fans are great, like the numerous comments.

“She’s so sweet,” writes a user, for example, and another says: “your mother is so and cool and really, really funny. I love her.” Whether the fans then also to disengage when they first hear “Dangerous Woman”? That will show up on May 20, 2016, then the new album Grande is to be published by Ariana. The track list for the long-player had recently published the musician, so the fans on a total of 15 tracks forward.